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Welcome to TF2 Scrap Warehouse

TF2 Scrap Warehouse is a unique and easy way to Scrap Bank your unwanted TF2 weapons in exchange for Scrap metal. If you have never scrap banked before read below for more information. It is extremely simple and you will be suprised at our efficient scrap banking system.

How to get started?

Before you do anything, login with your Steam account using the green button at the top of the page. Steam login is powered by Steam's OpenId provider, a safe and secure way to use your Steam account to sign in to any site that needs to verify who you are on Steam. Steam's OpenId provider is located at an address that will always start with so be sure to check for that at the beginning of any page asking for your Steam credentials.

What can I trade, and What do I get back?

  1. You may only trade TF2 items such as scrap, refined or reclaimed along with weapons that are craftable.
  2. You will get by default 1 Scrap Metal for every 2 Weapons you trade.
  3. For every 6 Weapons you trade instead of 3 Scrap Metal you will get 1 Reclaimed Metal.
  4. For every 18 Weapons you trade instead of 9 Scrap Metal, or 3 Reclaimed Metal, you will get 1 Refined Metal.
  5. If the bot you are trading has a Weapon that is in your Want List, it will trade it first at a rate of 1 for 1.
  6. Your Want List is not restricted to items currently on ScrapWH.
  7. Adding items to your Want List does not guarantee you will get the item when trading, you will only get it if still available.
  8. To increase your chances of getting an item you added to your Want List with a low stock level, click trade straight away.
  9. If your trade cannot be fulfilled by wanted items and whole metals, upon clicking ready an extra weapon will be automatically added to equalise the trade.

Need help or support?

If you are confused at the scrap banking process or something has gone terribly wrong, click the forum link located in the top navigation bar. One of our friendly staff members or community users will be sure to help you out and point you in the right direction.